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With Botify Keywords, for the first time, SEOs have visibility into real user queries and rankings from Google Search Console and control over what impacts them. Request a demo with our experts to understand how you can benefit from this new feature.

In this demo you will discover Botify’s award-winning platform and learn how it can inform data-driven decisions that support the entire search process.

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You will see how you can take full control of your rankings.
True rank optimization results from maximizing every step of the search ranking process. Botify is the only platform to offer visibility into how search engines are crawling, indexing and ranking your site.
You will see how matching queries and content will let you understand search intent of your real users. Since Botify uses Google Search Console rankings rather than scraping, we allow you to pinpoint shoppers’ behavior to identify when your customers are starting to engage.
You will see the advantages of a fully integrated platform combining performance for each step of the search ranking process with award-winning solutions: Botify Analytics, Botify Log Analyzer and Botify Keywords.

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