Case Study

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How one site increased Google crawl by over 300% overnight, and saw increased organic traffic in a matter of weeks.

Amandine C

Manager of SEO & SEM JobiJoba

What's inside

JobiJoba, a leading job search site in Europe, serves 13 countries and has 1.5 million unique visits per month to the site’s 10 million URLs. JobiJoba invested in SEO, working on site structure, on-page optimizations, and cleaning up tags. Despite efforts to grow SEO performance, JobiJoba started experiencing decreased Google crawl and decreased organic traffic but could not identify a cause for the slipping SEO performance.

JobiJoba partnered with Botify to get enterprise-level insights about their crawl and log files. With Botify, JobiJoba discovered that only 7.9% of their 10 million strategic pages had been crawled by Googlebot. Less than a single percent of the site’s pages were active (receiving organic traffic each month). And nearly 2 million pages were orphan URLs (URLs not linked to in the site structure).

Botify provided actionable takeaways for the JobiJoba team. With Botify insights, the JobiJoba team could quickly see organic opportunities for their site, understand the scale of those opportunities, and assign priority to SEO initiatives. JobiJoba could quickly see that pagination, crawl ratio optimization, and improving site structure would offer the biggest SEO return for the site. Targeted optimizations like these led to a 300% increase in Google crawl and increased organic traffic for JobiJoba.


“I look at the Botify Log Analyzer every morning. I check many different metrics, monitor their progress, and see the effects they’re having on crawl and traffic to share with the Jobijoba team.”

Amandine C., Manager of SEO and SEM, JobiJoba