Case Study

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How media leader Refinery29 uses Botify to keep up with their constantly-evolving site and Google rankings.

Hank Azarian

SEO Team Lead, Refinery 29

What's inside

Refinery29 is the fastest growing independent fashion and style website in the US, committed to becoming the top media brand for smart, creative and stylish women everywhere. The site has 25 million monthly visitors and more than 175 million users across all platforms.

While Refinery29 had no obvious, urgent SEO problems, ongoing SEO monitoring and growth was a major challenge for this publisher. The large site was tough to manage and the SEO team needed a tool to help uncover technical SEO opportunities and prioritize initiatives.

With the help of Botify, Refinery29 was able to identify site changes and monitor their impact, diagnose site issues quickly and communicate them to the team, and understand and optimize Googlebot activity on the site. The detailed, actionable insights delivered in the Botify platform helped Refinery29 drive real results in both organic traffic and revenue.


“For us, Botify lead to unprecedented visibility into our relationship with Googlebot and search engines, and allowed us to communicate that effectively with our product and engineering teams”

Hank Azarian, SEO Team Lead, Refinery29