Case Study

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How L'Express Group uses Botify - and managed 6 website migrations

Charlotte Barre

SEO Manager at Express-Roularta Group (GER)

What's inside

L’Express Group, a France-based publishing group, used Botify to support migrating six large websites over just a few months.

With Botify, the publishing company was able to plan, implement, and monitor each migration from start to finish. Botify provided hundreds of SEO indicators including low crawl rate, low active pages rate, poor internal linking, and excessive redirection. Detailed reports about critical SEO KPIs, delivered as granularly as the URL-level facilitated L’Express Group’s successful strategy and execution for their six migrations.


“We need a wide variety of indicators to conduct the initial analysis when a project starts, to define which optimizations are needed and to follow their implementation process.

As with any project involving a large number of pages, we are exposed to potential side effects that Botify allows us to monitor.”

Charlotte Barre, SEO Manager at Express-Roularta Group (GER)