Case Study

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How an online auto marketplace increased their Google crawl by 19x (and doubled organic traffic) in less than 3 months

What's inside

Learn how a US-based nationwide auto marketplace with over 3.5 million vehicle listings optimized for Google crawl using Botify. Their large, complex site had several SEO challenges. With the help of Botify, they identified their top priorities, and focused on key initiatives:

  • Site structure
  • Content accessibility
  • Internal linking

After addressing the challenges discovered in the Botify platform, this classifieds company improved Google crawl by 19x and doubled organic traffic.


“Because Botify is a product built by people who know SEO, it understands what we as SEO practitioners want and need to see.

From day one it anticipates issues that you encounter with big websites.

I love how fast it is... From a UI ability to quickly get insight and also quickly go into as much detail as I need to either take a screenshot or export a CSV to have examples to support my recommendations.”

SEO Project Manager Auto Marketplace