Case Study

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How travel client BlaBlaCar used Botify for a successful site migration


SEO Manager for BlaBlaCar

What's inside

BlaBlaCar, a travel company serving 22 countries partnered with Botify for a major site migration. The brand needed to move their entire platform without losing the equity earned over the past 8 years. To manage their migration, BlaBlaCar used Botify to support their top three objectives:

  • Migrate all URLs
  • Optimize site structure
  • Maintain site traffic


“When a change on the website impacts Google’s crawl or organic visits, I can detect and measure the effects the very next day in Botify Log Analyzer, as well as potential side effects. This goes much further than Google Webmaster Tools, where the change’s impact will only show a few days later... Botify’s Log Analyzer provides visibility over each type of page through customized URL categorization,”

Jérôme Moussay, SEO Manager, BlaBlaCar.