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In this demo, you'll discover why more and more enterprise companies are optimizing each step of the organic search process with Botify, including:

Dashboard Evaluation

Technical SEO

Content Optimization

Optimize your crawl budget to boost organic growth, perform JavaScript-rendered analysis, overhaul your internal linking with the most advanced technical SEO insights. Analyze content the way that Google does, measure content similarity, thinness, duplication, and structured data on the largest possible scale.
Keywords Trend Money

Real Keywords and Rankings

Organic Traffic and Revenue

Detect trends, chart user behavior, and uncover real search intent with actual user queries from Google Search Console. Get the rankings that matter, drive qualified audiences, and boost revenue by harnessing real rankings and user behavior.
Mobile SEO

Mobile-First SEO strategy

SEO Project Management

Optimize mobile ranking factors like load time, foster successful AMP deployments, and segment data by device to understand how visitors use your site. Monitor Googlebot daily, verify optimization impacts, catch errors, manage important projects, and translate results to stakeholders.

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