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Botify Log Analyzer enables you to improve the crawl of your valuable content, tie crawl metrics back to site performance, navigate major site changes, and monitor the mobile-first index.

Botify Log Analyzer is built to handle the most advanced SEO scenarios, no matter the complexity of the website or the objective of the project.

The Only SEO Log Analyzer Perfect Your Craw Budget

The Only SEO Log Analyzer

Perfect Your Crawl Budget

Botify is the only SEO log file analysis tool recognized by Forrester. In Vendor Landscape: SEO Tools And Technologies, the Forrester team led by Collin Colburn identified Botify as the sole platform that has the ability to apply SEO analysis to server log files. Improve organic performance and ROI by optimizing key crawl budget determinators, such as popularity, staleness, and crawl health, among others.
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Our Engineering Support team makes SEO log file analysis easy to set up! Once setup is done, your server log files are automatically uploaded to Botify every day without requiring any action, so you can keep your focus on more important considerations. PLus, you get immediately notified if Google stops crawling some sections of your website or starts crawling pages that should be kept hidden.

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