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Botify gives enterprise SEOs the power to evaluate digital properties just like a search engine. There’s no analysis you can’t do. Personalize your crawl to meet your strategic needs and analyze protocols, virtual robots.txt, nofollow tags, canonicals, HTML extraction, segmentation, parameters, sitemaps, AMP, and HREFlang, among many others.

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Botify Analytics brings SEO crawlers into new territory. There’s no SEO scenario that’s not covered, and our capacities have no rivals. Judge for yourself: up to 50 million URLs analyzed per crawl, up to 250 URLs crawled per second, and over 2 billion URLs analyzed every month (and counting). Botify crawls and analyzes your digital properties like a search engine does. Engage in total crawl accuracy with JavaScript-rendered analysis, real content quality or multi-device evaluation.
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Botify enables total customization of analysis, and complete control over the analytics process. Generate custom reports, case-specific analyses, unlimited exports, and visualizations that cross any of Botify’s hundreds of indicators across millions of pages.


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